Western digital format my book essential disassembly

Wdbfjk0060hbk04 default wd my book 1230 vid 0158 pid 1230 rev 1065. Has not loaded right after i accidently unplugged it. We just bought two new computers an acer aspire netbook with xp a dell desktop with vista. Unfortunately, this wasnt an obvious process and this excellent article by scott cramer didnt apply to the newer version 1 tb drive enclosure i have. I also used razor blades, but they can be replaced or omitted if you would like to do it differently. Available in various editions from essential, to premium to world edition. It identifies and recovers up to 300 file types including email archives, documents, zip archives, audio files, data files, image files, application files, spreadsheets, backup files and all other file types from wd. However if theres enough data left the operating system.

First, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the mesh away from the cover do not try to lift the cover up, you will just break things. My book, and many revision of each version as well, so do your research on how to open your particular hard drive. Ask the question you have about the western digital mybook av here simply to other product owners. If you want to use the drive with a mac computer, see reformatting the drive on page 44 and troubleshooting on page 57. Just in case i want to put in a larger drive later, or if the internal one fails. Prior versions were a wd drive in a book like external usb drive case, with some optional software preloaded on the drive, that could be removed if you didnt need it. The design of the hard drive is also great, and installation took less than 10 minutes. The better your problem and question is described, the easier it is for other western digital mybook av owners to provide you with a good answer. View the manual for the western digital my book world here, for free.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Wd my book external drive not working posted in external hardware. Disassembling a western digital my book instructables. My book essential edition user manual getting started 1 getting started thank you for purchasing this wd product. Your my book drive is formatted as a single exfat partition for compatibility with all. My book essential is almost full and is now not saving some of my files.

Can i replace the hard drive on a western digital my book. Our latest edition features visual, easytouse, automatic, continuous backup software and drive lock security protection. This is a dead no longer functioning western digital mybook usb external hard disk drive. I put some stuff on the acer from the mybook with no problem. How to partition and format a wd drive on windows 7, vista, xp and mac osx if you still cannot reformat, you may try writing zeroes to it, then reformat. Western digital my book essential drive for storage and backup ever since upgrading to windows 8 my wd drive my book no longer responds nor is it recognized. I have wd smartware installed and would like to reformat my drive and continue using the smartware but be more selective as to what gets backed up. Around the corner how differential steering works 1937 duration. Its difficult to open this drive up to save the data. We have a western digital 500 mb hard drive with about 360 gb of data on it. If you have valuable data saved on your wd drive, just download easeus hard drive recovery software to get all data back with a few simple clicks. When finding the target files, choose them and click recover to save them on your computer. How to disassemble a western digital my book essential external hard drive.

How to low level format or write zeros full erase to a wd hard drive or solid state drive. My book essential user manual about your wd drive 1 about your wd drive welcome to your my book essential external hard drive, an elegant, highcapacity storage solution for all the chapters of your di gital life. Just plug it in and save your valuable data, music, photos, and movies. I had to first format the drive in my computer, but its working great now. A while back my external usb harddisk western digital mybook essential, 1tb, ntfs had a problem. Western digital my book shucking guide get cheaper hard drives. Read speeds up to 2000mbs to decrease load times and get you into the game faster. Western digital my book essential 1 terabyte 1tb usb 2. Try formatting the drive with windows, instead of using the quick formatter. How to disassemble a wd mybook essential hdd snapguide. The latest update to the my book essential line is a case study in how to ruin a previously good product. I am trying to decide between a generic external case and the western digital one. Cant format my book essential external drives for pc.

My book essential edition is a small, elegant, and easytouse usb external hard drive. Western digital my book opening the case removing the. Western digital my book recovery hard drive data recovery. How to disassemble a western digital my book essential external. This manual is available in the following languages. How to disassemble a western digital my book essential. Remo recover tool performs western digital data recovery by scanning the entire hard drive and recovering files in quick steps. How to open the western digital mybook may not be entirely obvious. Whenever i tried to write any files that would take more than a few seconds at least 50 mb, it start copying, then freeze, along with the whole system. Some logical volumes partitions file systems become corrupt during plug and play or electrostatic phenomena.

The left side shows the directory, the center shows the deleted or lost files, and the right side displays the thumbnails. Western digital my book essential 2tb removing the sata. I got this thing apart and put a 3tb drive in there. Thanks, i just bought a western digital my book essential 500gb about 10 minutes ago on. Western digital my book live user manual pdf download. I am thinking of buying the western digital my book essential external hard drive maybe 160 gb. I have wd smartware installed and would like to re format my drive and continue using the smartware but be more selective as to what gets backed up. I recently needed to removed the drive from a western digital my book external usbesata drive enclosure. We tried to load stuff onto the dell and got a message saying the mybook was not formatted and asked if we wanted to format it. To remove the cover of the my book, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Cannot write files to western digital mybook essential. Disk drive format your my book essential drive is preformatted as a single ntfs partition for compatibility with all updated windows operating systems. This is a dead no longer functioning western digital mybook. So here you go, the steps required to disassemble a newstyle western digital my book drive enclosure.

Western digital mybook open case recover data scott. My book essential full how to reformat wd community. Essential edition, home edition, office edition, mirror edition, studio edition, premium edition, elite edition, pro edition, av dvr live edition, and the world edition. If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. Wd my book essential 3 tb enclosure disassembly removing. Youll need a thin flathead screwdriver and a phillips star shaped screwdriver. Western digital my book troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. How to open the western digital my book 500gb the disassambling itself its not one of the most easy in the world, and it will make you say diverse 4letter words against the projects engeneers and their mothers but you can do it with 3 screwdrivers, one flat and two crossed, one of normal size and the second really. My book is a series of external hard drives produced by western digital. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the problem and your question. My maxtor was completely gone, however that data is on a drive at home. This was partly due to it saving 5 backup copies of files by default. If it is pluged in at boot up i get a message than an unauthorized drive is present and must be disconnected prior to booting. Western digital my book opening the case removing the drive.

I recently bought a wd my book essentials 2tb with the intention of using it as a nas. Western digital mybook open case recover data scott cramer. I use this hard drive as a backup to all my computer files which includes family photos, videos, etc. My book desktop storage has massive storage capacity so you can confidently back up the files that make up your digital life. Western digital my book recovery hard drive data recovery recovering data from your western digital my book external hard drive means more than just getting back a few files. It means recovering your favorite songs, restoring those documents you need for the project youre completing and returning photos of cherished memories that were stored. Expand the western digital my book drive on the left side and right click on the partition you wish to mount, select mount.

My western digital was the one with some very special files that i had begun transferring over gotomypc at home and had not completed. I have a 500 gig western digital mybook external drive. Western digital my book essential drive for storage and. I kept all of my roboform data on the western digital my book, 500gig essential edition. Fix wd external hard drive not recognizedworking with. Instructions to disassemble a western digital mybook essentials usb external hard disk drive. Western digital mybook elite 1tb external hard dri. Page 146 western digital, wd, the wd logo, my book, my passport. I cut the vcc lead pin 8 from the eeprom, and the device detects as usb mass storage device vid 04d9 pid 20 rev 0103 and disables the goofy 4k sector translation mode as well, so regularly written 512e drives 2tb actually read correctly hope this is useful. My book drives are designed to look like a standard black hardback book, with the exception of the. Western digital mybook wants to reformat will i lose my. I have two my book essential drives and have not been happy with their performance.

I was wondering if anyone knew if the hard drive is user replaceable. Once the scan is complete, the wd my cloud recovery software will display all recoverable data. This manual comes under the category external hard drives and has been rated by 1 people with an average of a 8. Hi guys, i have western digital external hdd 2 tb green that seems to have stopped working. After making an unrecognized wd external hard drive detectable in your pc, the next step is to restore all saved data.

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