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Families in ancient egypt used plant extracts and oils for. Helping you to maximize wellness for you and your family using therapeutic essential oils. Provide pure, high quality essential oils and products. Not intended for the treatment the essential oil body map infographic i use and distribute young living eos. Family physician enrollment kit details pdf tagged doterra, dr. An assortment of our most popular and powerful essential oils designed to make it easy to share doterra with others. As of wife and mother to 6, i was looking for natural alternatives to improve and maintain great health for each family member.

Family physician kit essential collection please note that the essential collection kit does not contain the dvd found in the family physician kit. The doterra family physician kit contains 6 doterra essential oils and 4 blends, each. It can be overwhelming when you first start looking everything they produce. Experience the infinite ways that doterra cptg certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils can help you help your family. The inside lid comes with so much useful information i found myself referring to it over and over again. An introduction to essential oils from simple nourished living and thats why weve put together this page. With the ability to positively affect mood, melissa essential oil is often used to reduce tense feelings, promote relaxation, and calm feelings of nervousness. A member of the mint family, patchouli is known to help with skin imperfections, while also providing a grounding, balancing effect on emotions. However, there are several safety guidelines that you should follow when using essential oils and essential oil products. If the bottle has a supplement box on the label, it has been specially formulated to use internally. Research plays a significant role in providing doterra users with safe, effective applications for essential oils. All of doterras essential oils, skin and hair care.

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds. Moreover, essential oils are highly concentrated and far more potent than dried herbs. The doterra family essentials kit contains 10 essential oils and blendsthe feel better essentials that parents need on a daily basis to care for their families. We offer pure, authentic essential oils and essential oilinfused wellness solutions for. You can read more about doterra essential oils here. Get a free modern essentials reference book with a 100 pv order on the month after your enrollment. Getting started with the family essentials kit pdf yumpu.

This is a powerful but easy to learn process of layering oils along the spine, that has the ability to take the body out of sympathetic dominance. The family physician kit is a collection of ten nurturing essential oils, including six single oils and four blends. How can doterra save on healthcare for your family. Their questions inspired me to start this blog because there may be. On my quest to create natural solutions in the home and introduce nontoxic products, i was introduced to doterra essential oils 3 years ago by an incredible friend and mentor that i trusted. I finally figured out how to use essential oils take off the cap you can use all of the oils 3 ways. You will also receive 3 pdf collage sheets for easy printing as well as a zipped file.

The family physician kit from doterra comes with 10 5 ml bottles of various essential oils and some of the favorite doterra essential oil blends. Jan 25, 2015 family physician handout great for classes. This post may contain affiliate links, for more details view our full disclosures. Philippines essential oils for wellness posts facebook. Not long after we started using essential oils, people started to notice and ask questions about what we were doing. She successfully used doterras essential oils to help support her familys health.

Changes in atmospheric constituents and in radiative forcing pdf. Most people are introduced to the therapeutic properties of doterra essential oils through samples or by being invited to a class. The beauty of the essential oils is that the research has consistently proven them to be healthy for our cells. Are you looking for doterra family physician kit, click here. Primary benefits grounding, balancing effect on emotions promotes a smooth, glowing complexion reduces the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and skin imperfections patchouli. It is not necessary to dilute the essential oils, but for some essential oils which are particularly cool peppermint, wintergreen or hot.

Six single essential oils and four essential oil blends no family should ever be without. To share with you the doterra products we use regularly not only on ourselves, but with our families as well. Essential oils are aromatic volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. I am so excited about grilling season, and that is why i am bringing you my 4 favorite summer marinade recipes. Jean valnet, a french physician, began using essential oils during world war ii.

Dive headfirst into a new way of managing your life and your mental and physical needs. The essential family real natural wellness for real families. It relieves stress, anxiety ans insomnia diffuse mist or dispense into the air and inhale. Our favorite doterra products we use most often simple. Make your first doterra purchase be one or more of the enrollment kits. Young living is the world leader in essential oils. When diluting the essential oils, use one drop of coconut oil for one or two drops of the essential oil.

I use certified pure therapeutic grade doterra essential oils. Many parents wonder, are essential oils safe to use on my children. You have found a place that provides education and research for people to become empowered and involved in their daily healthcare to promote a happy, healthy and vibrant life. First, parents who are new to essential oils should know that essential oils and plant parts have been used for centuries to promote wellness, and are not a new fad or trend, but a tried and true solution for many of lifes everyday problems. The aromatouch technique combines the use of cptg certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and a welldocumented application technique to support overall wellbeing. Primary benefits may help to support a healthy immune system calms tension and nerves promotes feelings of. Family physician handout daily uses for essential oils essential oil uses. Essential oils are often used for aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are ascribed to aromatic compounds. This kit contains 5 ml bottles of lavender, lemon, peppermint, melaleuca, oregano, frankincense, deep blue, doterra breathe, digestzen, doterra on guard along with a quick usage guide for each essential oil. I find essential oils to be the perfect adjunct to any healthcare practice. By partnering with worldrenowned medical facilities, clinics, and universities, doterra continually provides users with safe and effective ways to use essential oils as a counterpart to modern medicine. The guide to selfhealing with essential oils and sharing. Here is where to buy this kit or any of the individual oils.

Free wholesale membership and doterra ipc introductory packet. Kits may also include additional doterra products or diffusers. The next time you going over the river and through the woods on a family. Essential oils are extremely potent and powerful, and many children do not understand concepts like dosage, dilution, and sensitivity. Your guide to using the essential oils contained in the doterra family essentials kit. Consult your physician before using essential oils if you are pregnant or under a doctors care. With quality essential oils, you and your family can find natural solutions to. These little brown bottles can address up to 80% of your familys basic health and wellness needs. The doterra family essentials kit contains 10 essential oils and.

I also teach the clinical application of essential oils. Family physician handout certified pure essential oils. The guide to selfhealing with essential oils and sharing them. Cleaning with doterra essential oils natural living doterra eoils doterra cleaning recipes toilet, wood floor, glass and mirror, dusting, sink and bath 66 ideas for doterra cleaning recipes life. The doterra top 10 essential oils have over 150 uses around your household and can be used for a wide range of health and wellness purposes. Proven natural remedies for you and your family a special report on the amazing therapeutic uses of essential oils for developing a superior immune system, fighting deadly microorganisms, and enhancing health. Topically, internally drip into an empty gel cap and with the diffuser. Family physician kit for proactive family health lavender for calming and stress reduction. Diffuse lemon essential oil while you repaint or remodel your home. The product statements in this presentation have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. They repair and assist our bodies at a cellular level so when you are not sure which oils to use, dont be afraid to use several oils and the body will gain a myriad of benefits. Essential oil use chart a b c d e,f g h i,j,k l,m n,o p,q r s t u,v,w x,y,z blends and other products are by doterra. And, yes, some fall in love with the purity and potency of doterra, immediately purchase an enrollment kit, and begin their transformation into an essential oil family. They have been used throughout history and are well known for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

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