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Late march experiences a visitation bump thanks to spring break in the u. While it is impossible to guaranty you will see these species during the months outlined below, we have provided the months that they are most commonly sited in the waters of costa rica. Perhaps none more so than the humpback whale, whose numbers continue to decrease. Pacific humpback whales, who migrate annually passing costa rica, are farthestmigrating animals on earth. Costa rica is a leader in land conservation, with an astonishing 25% of its territory designated as protected area. The great whales of costa rica by tristan paylado published december 1, 2016 updated december 1, 2016 considered as one of the greatest and biggest animals ever to live in this planet, the evolution of whales can be traced back to its landbased cousins. Costa rica cano island whale shark march 2015 youtube. Costa rica is one of the best places in the world to spot humpback whales.

However, uvita, a small beach town in the south pacific coast is the only place that has an abundance of humpback whales during both times of the year. They are found in all oceans, including the pacific coast costa rica. March in costa rica boasts low rainfall throughout the country, but temperatures can be uncomfortably warm with much of the island experiencing highs well above 80 degrees fahrenheit and lows in the upper 60s and lower 70s. Whale watching in costa rica southern explorations. Southern pacific whale watching in costa rica calendar and locations. They are mostly found in all oceans and open seas from the freezing waters of antarctica and arctic to the tropical and temperate water of pacific like costa rica. Costa rica dolphins and whales come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and will be a great addition to your trip. Whale watching costa rica, dominical, puntarenas, costa rica. This whale and dolphin watching tour will surely be an unforgettable experience for you. The whale resort is a large beachfront property located on the edge of canaza, a small town about 15 minutes from puerto jimenez, a much larger port town that offers all the amenities such as restaurants, bars, banksatms, pharmacies, medical facilities, tour operators, a commercial airport, and plenty of shopping, but if youre in a big hurry, canaza also has its own small grocery. Southern, antarcticbased humpback whales spend their winter months near australia and as far north as costa rica from june to november. They are most likely to be seen in costa rica between august and october. The best place to go whale watching in costa rica is the countrys pacific coast, as humpback whales migrate through the region between late july and november and again between december and march.

Over 100,000 people travel to costa rica each year to watch whales. We invite you to come join us on one of our boat tours and experience nature as it happens on the osa peninsula, costa rica. Costa rica s northwestern corner of guanacaste is known for its dolphins, including spinner, spotted, bottlenose, and common dolphins. Drake bay is a very laid back small town with idyllic beaches well off the beaten path. The reason is because during the winter the antarctica august to october, humpbacks migrate from there to costa rica. The most blue whales can be found in costa rica which is also known as the kingdom of the blue whales. About half are commonly spotted off the south pacific, including brydes whales, humpback whales, and sei whales. This whale specie comes to migrate in this country whenever winter comes in the antarctica between august to october. Costa rica is home to the longest season for whale watching in the world, and september kicks off the peak of one of two of the most popular times of year to witness humpback whales who migrate to the warm and rich waters of marino ballena to give birth to their young.

During this time of year, your odds of seeing a humpback whale are good. When and where to spot humpback whales in costa rica and some fun facts. The official humpback season in costa rica is december to march and july to december. The western and central regions of costa rica have sunny weather, nearly no rain and surprisingly low humidity. The bottlenose dolphin is larger and has a large dorsal fin and broad at the base, slightly arched. Whale watching in uvita costa rica has 2 seasons, from half july to half november and from half december to april. If you are interested in whale watching during one of our sailing charters, please let us know that this is the goal of your trip. This long journey starts when temperatures in both north and south america start to cool during their respective winters. Best time to travel march in costa rica costa rica guide. Orca or orcinus orca is a mammal which is a part of the family of delphinidae in the order of cetacea. This dolphin and whale map shows the species that either migrate to or inhabit the waters of costa rica. However, these temperatures vary depending on whether you visit inland cities, cites on the pacific coast, cities on the caribbean coast, or cities lying in the wet. Costa rica whale watching tour destinations while it is possible to see whales all along the pacific coast and northern caribbean coast near tortuguero, they appear in the largest concentrations along the south pacific coast and the osa peninsula.

Whale watching tours are most common by boat, and numerous boat tours are available. Whale watching in march costa rica forum tripadvisor. By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to our use of cookies. Whale watching tour description our costa rica whale and dolphin watching tour departs in the morning at around 8am from sierpe. Costa ricas famous whale tail is located in the small town of uvita, about an hour south of manuel antonio and is part of parque nacional marino ballena the national marine whale park. Costa rica is a prime whale watching destination and it is all thanks to the spectacular annual migration of two groups of humpback whales. These animals travel from far to visit marino ballena in uvita. The park is named for the pacific humpback whales that return to these warm coastal waters annually to breed.

Perhaps the most puzzling natural phenomenon of the park is the whales tail sandbar. The warm tropical waters provide a perfect nursery for humpback whales from both the northern and southern hemispheres. During the winter in the arctic approximately december to april, their cousins migrate from the far north to costa rica for romance and babymaking. During the northern hemisphere winter december to march, humpback whales that feed on the northwest coast of the united states migrate to costa ricas. These seasons are based on the annual migration cycle of the pacific humpback whale. Marino ballena national park directly translated marine whale in english in uvita is one of the best places to go whale watching in costa rica. The more you see of a turtle, whale or quetzal symbol the more likely youll see one. Various dolphin species play up and down the pacific coast, while the caribbean is home mostly to the bottlenose dolphin. Costa rica is the number one place to go whale watching in central america and the fastest growing whale watching industry in latin america. When and where to spot humpback whales in costa rica and some fun facts about whale migration and behavior. The festival is a great place to find a whale watching tour, learn more about humpback whales in costa rica, and meet others interested in marine life. Some of the alaska california whales winter in hawaii and other places to the north so their numbers are fewer in costa rica.

The antarctic migration has the most whales and peak season is between august and october. If youd like to see whales on the caribbean side, head to tortuguero where the north atlantic st. Discover why this area attracts an estimated 25 whale and dolphin species. Visitors on whale watching tours to costa rica can plan their trips around the comings and goings of three baleens and three larger toothed whales as well an array of smaller dolphin species. Located on costa ricas amazingly beautiful central pacific coastline, the small.

Costa rica march weather, holidays, currency exchange rate, lodging availability. As for the best time of the year to do whale watching, the season begins from august where whales start to arrive and feast on the plankton rich waters of costa rica and may run until november. A rare encounter with a family of humpback whales in the gulf of papagayo, near liberia, costa rica. Costa rica is home to an estimated 25 whale and dolphin varieties, which migrate, mate and make their home in the pacific ocean and the caribbean sea. Whale watching in costa rica two weeks in costa rica.

The dates for holy week fluctuate from year to year between late march and early april, but it is the most important date to know ahead of time when considering a trip to costa rica during these two months. Northern hemisphere whales head to central america from alaska from the months of december to march. To date, the blue whale is known as the largest specie to ever have been discovered in the world. Come december to april, other whales come in to costa rica from antarctica to mate and nest. Costa rica holds the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world. Get the monthly weather forecast for liberia, guanacaste, costa rica, including daily highlow, historical averages, to help you plan ahead.

Of the worlds 76 dolphin and whale species, an estimated 25 migrate, mate, birth and feed in costa rican waters. Whale watching in costa rica serendipity sailing charters. Because of this, costa rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world. Of the roughly 25 species of whales and dolphins that migrate through costa rica, humpback whales are by far the most abundant and they the most marked. This site uses cookies to improve your experience, to enhance site security and to show you personalized advertising.

Its main claim to fame is as the departure point for corcovado national park that takes up almost a third of the osa peninsula. Select a destination to see more weather parameters. Costa rica is home to an estimated 25 whale and dolphin species, which migrate, mate, and make their homes in the pacific ocean and caribbean sea. The very best time and place is august through october along the southern pacific coast from about jaco or manuel antonio to the warm waters around the osa peninsula but as detailed below there are lots of possibilities. In most areas, dedicated whalewatching tours are uncommon.

In summer it is the best time for snorkeling, this depends on the weather conditions. During decemberapril, you can see whales from alaska, and augustnovember they come from antarctica. This toothed whale is also better known as killer whales. Being the last of the dry season and at the tail end of the high tourist season sees the country at its best with abounding wildlife and verdant landscapes along with greater availability and a drop in accommodation and tour prices. In some instances, they are spotted in march to june especially in cano island. Humpback whales are commonly seen out in the waters as both northern and southern humpback whales pass through this area, giving costa rica the longest humpback whale watching season in the world. All of this and more can be seen on dolphin and whale watching excursions into costa ricas ocean habitats some of the most biologically diverse marine habitats in the world.

What to know about whale watching in uvita, costa rica. These long routes make them one of the farthest migrating animals on earth. They cover the distances of 5,000 to 8,000 km twice a year. We have costa rican guides who know these waters well and will delight with excitement right along with you when you seen one breech for the very first. Orca comun, espolante habitat open tropical, temperate, and polar seas are home to the orca. Liberia, guanacaste, costa rica monthly weather accuweather. However, during the migration season, humpback whales are not an uncommon sight off the coast of papagayo, playa del coco, tamarindo, and. Bottlenose and spotted dolphins frequently escort boats a. Costa rica dolphins and whales when should you come. Situated on the south pacific coast of costa rica, ballena marine national park is the destination that comes to mind first for many costa rican whale watchers. Whales and dolphins festival costa rica real estate.

This national park, one of only two national marine parks in the country, consists of 270 protected land acres 110 hectares and. We will be visiting in early march, do you think the chances of seeing. The whale tail at uvitas marino ballena national park. Humpback whale mothers give birth in the pockets of shallow temperate waters off the shores of costa rica while orcas and bottlenose dolphins troll for sushi. You see them all over the map but specifically in places like the golfo dulce, central pacific, guanacaste, osa peninsula and the tropical waters of the caribbean seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat is always a beautiful thing, but seeing a whale jump from the. Costa rica is a prime whale watching destination and it is all thanks to the. Here in costa rica, the bottlenose dolphin tursiops truncatus and spotted dolphins stenella attenuata are the most common and can be seen throughout the year. Because of this, costa rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world a family of whales in costa rica. Orca whales costa rica scuba diving, certification, padi. Orca whales are a type of toothed oceanic dolphins that belong to the family delpinidae, a family of cetaceans. Whale watching and dolphin watching in costa rica, during this tour we can see the humpback whales, spotted dolphins, bottle noses, turtles and sea birds combined with snorkeling in the tail of the whale or whale island where you can see different types of reef fish.

If you are a human seeing this field, please leave it empty. Perhaps the best place to see these majestic creatures is the osa peninsula, located in the southern portion of puntarenas province. If not, how far is uvita from there to take a day trip whale. Even the largest known dinosaur was lighter in weight and girth as compared to the blue whale. Costa rica has the longest humpback whale watching season in the world. Get the latest coronavirus covid19 updates for costa rica with current travel advice, statistics and online resources below are average maximum temperatures at popular destinations in costa rica in march. You may download the appchoices app at to opt out in. The whale watching season is so long due to humpback whales traveling from both the north and south poles converging in costa rica, thereby extending the season. Whales and dolphins watching whale watching, costa rica. Costa rica is home to many species of marine mammals. Most countries offer only one tourist season for visitors wishing to go whale watching. The great whales of costa rica costa rica scuba diving. There are many tours for whale watching in costa rica along the pacific coast. At a height of 1700 feet500m on a mountainside above the pacific ocean and the best beaches in costa rica.

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